Business Analysis

Completing A Physical Business Analysis

Having a full Business Analysis done from time to time can be greatly beneficial to your business. At Anchor Solutions we look into every part of your business. When able, we set up times for our consultants to physically arrive at your place of business to conduct the first phase.

Phase 1: The Physical Review

First, our consultants will see things from the eyes of a customer, analyzing the basics.

Is your location clean? Are your employees helpful? Are there any safety hazards?

Depending on the situation, our consultants may ask for a one and one conversation with your employees to get their take on how the business is doing. This can be a great opportunity to have your employees feel like their voices are heard.

After this is complete, our consultants gather up their notes and we move on to phase two.

Phase 2: The Data Review

Next, our consultants will review the core business data.

Overall Business

Business Plan, Core Values, Goals

Financial Data

Sales Margins, Cash Flow, Bookkeeping systems, Payroll processing, and more

Customer Habits

Customer Reviews, Customer Loyalty, Buying Habits

Human Resources

Management, Training, Policies and Expectations,

Inventory Control

Acquisitions, Logistics, Time on Shelf, Damaged Product, Return Policies, Theft

Phase 3:

Now that we have all the data, our consultants will compile all of their findings from both phases and create a detailed report. The consultant will than work with you to create an action plan to get your  business back on track.  

Virtual Business Analysis

While we love seeing our clients face to face, sometimes we just can’t make that happen. That is why we offer a Virtual Business Analysis option for businesses outside of our Local Service Area. This style of business analysis is also a great option for service-based businesses without any brick-and-mortar location.  This kind of review is all based on the numbers and reporting you give us. The more data you can provide us the more in depth we can get with our analysis.

Free Consultation

Prior to committing to a business analysis, we highly recommend taking advantage of our free consultation. Each business is unique and requires custom solutions tailored to best help you reach your goals. It is because of this, that Anchor Solutions offers a free consultation to learn more about your business  and your goals. Set up your free consultation,  grab your notebook and have questions ready!

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