Administrative Service & Payroll

Whether you have been in business for years, or you are getting ready to hire your very first employee, subjects like payroll, employer taxes, and compliance can be overwhelming.

Anchor Solutions was originally founded as an Administrative Service Organization (ASO), think of us as a full-fledged and highly trained HR team. We specialize in smaller companies, alleviating the business owner from human resource tasks that they may be trying to handle themselves.

Direct Deposit

Hourly Based Pay

Salary Based Pay

Commissions and Bonuses

Overtime Tracking

PTO Accrual

Wage Garnishments

We File & Deposit Fed Employer Tax

We File & Deposit State Employer Tax

We File & Deposit Local Employer Tax

Payroll Processing

Human Resources

We offer full service payroll processing, while also providing direct deposit to all your employees. Employees also get access to their own, mobile friendly Employee Portal, allowing them to retrieve past pay-stubs right at their fingertips. Need to pay your employees in various frequencies? Wage garnishments and other deductions? Housing and other allowances? We got you covered!! The best part is we handle all your payroll taxes for you.

HR compliance is constantly updating and completely rewriting its policies, it can be difficult to keep track! We conduct an audit of all your current employee records, then take the reins from there. New hire on-boarding, employee termination, and offering general advisory. All of This comes included when signing up with Anchor Solutions as an ASO client.

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